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What is Virtumonde and How to Remove It?

Virtumonde is an adware program that will modify the Windows Internet connection mechanism and display various pop-up advertisements for rogue antispyware programs. Virtumonde may change the user’s desktop background, disable Windows automatic updates, cause many websites to be unaccessible, and abort your running programs.

Virtumonde has many variants, some with trojan-like behaviors including downloading other rogue software without user’ s permission, transmitting information to remote servers without notice and consent, and lowering system security on the infected computer.

Do you have Virtumonde?

If you have enough time and expertise, you can search your computer for Virtumonde manually. However, it might take hours to find out all files of Virtumonde, and it is possible that Virtumonde will appear after rebooting, for its hidden files may still be there.

Download automatic scanner for Virtumonde

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Manual Virtumonde removal instructions

WARNING: The manually removal method is for advanced users. Virtumonde manually removal can be difficult and time-consuming. There is no guarantee that Virtumonde can be completely removed, for there are hundreds of files generated when Virtumonde installed on your system. Make sure to back up your computer in case that you make any mistakes and your system does not work.

Follow the instructions below for Virtumonde removal manually:




Navigate and Unregister VirtuMonde DLL Files:




Navigate and Remove Virtumonde registry values:




What is Adware?

Virtumonde is a type of Adware.

Adware is a kind of software that displays or downloads advertisements to a computer after the software is installed or while the software is in use. These advertisements can be banners or pop up windows. Some types of adware may even collect the user’s information and display advertisements in the web browser according to the information collected.

Adware can slow down your PC by consuming heavily Memory and CPU resources. Adware can also mess your Internet connection by using bandwidth to resume advertisements. Meanwhile, your system may be in risk of inefficiency because most adware applications are not properly programmed.

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