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Secure Your Business

What we can Do....

We help businesses protect their web pages from emerging cyber threats and monitor their security 24/7.

The web application firewall (PHP WAF) prevents attacks from hackers, spambots, and other automated threats by screening incoming traffic.

You’ll stop attackers from visiting your site in super small intervals, so you won’t get bogged down in bogus traffic.

The Core Solution

A rich modular functionality covers all types of the cyber attacks

AI-inspired proactive protection against intrusions and new emerging threats.

Continuous external monitoring of downtime, web reputation, SSL, domain expiry and much more.

Detecting the outdated third-party components with known and potential vulnerabilities.

Cyber Secure Features

Global Cyber Security Centre is a company that focuses on providing secure solutions to the cyber world. They offer various products to protect your website, your business, your private files, and your important data.

Track website activity

Track the activity, performance and blocked attacks on your website in real-time

Basic malware removal

Web application firewall

Vulnerability detection

Scan for malware & hidden threats

Continuously scan your website files for any potentially harmful injections, eg.: shells, backdoors, malware

Order a Test

Penetration testing is a real-time attack on your digital assets to reveal security weaknesses or loopholes in your infrastructure. This is a single way to find out what hackers could access within your website or network. We help you to detect and fix both high and low risk vulnerabilities to ensure that your digital assets are as secure as they can be.
Web Protection

Free Cyber security Assessment

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