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cyber security

Someone Has Copied My Website, What Can I Do?

A domain name is a piece of intellectual property. If someone has registered and is using a domain name that is confusingly similar to your… Read More »Someone Has Copied My Website, What Can I Do?

Banking Fraud – Prevention and Control

Banking Fraud is posing threat to Indian Economy. Its vibrant effect can be understood be the fact that in the year 2004 number of Cyber… Read More »Banking Fraud – Prevention and Control

Network Security Sandbox

There is a wide range of network security products available on the market now. Despite these products, certain undetected and ingenious cyber crimes take place… Read More »Network Security Sandbox

The Dark world of Cyber-Crime

Crime is a challenge for the good thinking world. While changing the time and invention of new and advanced technologies, the world of crime is… Read More »The Dark world of Cyber-Crime

Is My Small Office Network Secure?

Now more than ever, small businesses should be keenly aware of cyber-threats. There are hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from small businesses each and… Read More »Is My Small Office Network Secure?

Top 5 Windows PC Games

The free to play PC games phenomenon has changed the gaming landscape over the past few years. Now even +++ rated games are challenged by… Read More »Top 5 Windows PC Games

Smart City or Surveillance City?

As reported in New Scientist, in Toronto, and many other cities around the globe, ‘smart city’ projects are underway. The concept of infrastructure interlinked by… Read More »Smart City or Surveillance City?

Get Smart With the Apt PHP Training

PHP training would make you familiar with several database functional specifications. Through the training you can learn how PHP supports for a better connection to… Read More »Get Smart With the Apt PHP Training

What Is a Rootkit Virus?

Sometimes it’s not just running your anti-virus program to get rid of a terrible virus such as a rootkit. What a rootkit does is hack… Read More »What Is a Rootkit Virus?

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