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3 Leadership Books on Power

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Tech Assimilation and Warehousing of Talent

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Terrorism – A Threat to Global Peace

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Can Blockchain Co-Exist With GDPR?

On May 25th, 2018 a new privacy law took effect in Europe. The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, and it gives EU citizens control… Read More »Can Blockchain Co-Exist With GDPR?

Penetration Testing Part 2

First of all thank you for reading the Penetration Testing Part 1, Lets start with Part2. Here I will show you how to conduct a… Read More »Penetration Testing Part 2

The Rise and Rise of Online Storage

When accessing the internet meant using a slow, dial-up connection, the idea of storing your data remotely rather than on a local disk was unthinkable.… Read More »The Rise and Rise of Online Storage

Is Your WoW Hacked?

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USB Flash Drives a Security Threat?

Progress in new technology, driven by the fall in Nand Flash price, has led to a number of small devices that can hold a significant… Read More »USB Flash Drives a Security Threat?

How to Pursue a Career in Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is the process of penetrating or intruding in a computer system for the purpose of security testing. Hackers who conduct ethical hacking are… Read More »How to Pursue a Career in Ethical Hacking

This Pandemic Is Tiresome

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Risk Management and Cyber Security

The advent of the internet has opened endless avenues for development, but at the same time, cyber-theft has become much easier. With financing, personal and… Read More »Risk Management and Cyber Security