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Someone Has Copied My Website, What Can I Do?

A domain name is a piece of intellectual property. If someone has registered and is using a domain name that is confusingly similar to your… Read More »Someone Has Copied My Website, What Can I Do?

The Dark world of Cyber-Crime

Crime is a challenge for the good thinking world. While changing the time and invention of new and advanced technologies, the world of crime is… Read More »The Dark world of Cyber-Crime

Computer Cookies: Are They Good or Bad?

Explaining “Cookies” (the non caloric ones that reside in your computer!) You can’t talk about all those nasty ‘things’ that can ‘attack’ your computer while… Read More »Computer Cookies: Are They Good or Bad?

How to Get a Fast PC

So your onetime trusty and certain mainframe that was busily and error-free is now dense and pushchair. You shot on your PC and it takes… Read More »How to Get a Fast PC

Ransomware Protection Guide

Dear Readers, For the past couple years you may have noticed the appearance of a new and very nasty type of computer threat called Ransomware.… Read More »Ransomware Protection Guide

What Is Polymorphism?

Polymorphism is a generic term that means ‘many shapes’. A popular example of this is Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He was a… Read More »What Is Polymorphism?

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