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Security Awareness

Cyberthreat Neutralized

Cyber Attack Simulator and Security Awareness

A cyber attack simulator and security awareness training tool that analyzes the real-time threat posture of an organization based on its members.

But most times, it’s the small errors in judgment from the people in your company that may invite system attacks and cause crippling losses for your business.

You need a way to train and assess your employees so they’re ready to handle any online threats that come their way.

Each employee gets a vulnerability score after the simulated campaign, so you can find weaker links and work to make them more resilient.

Our Cyber Security Awareness Tool

We offers over 2,000 pieces of content in the awareness library for detailed information on how to resist cyber attacks. You’ll find customized awareness videos, advisories, newsletters, and a gamified quiz based on the vulnerability score.

These awareness and assessment models are based on the type of attack campaign you run, and the included campaign templates are great for getting started quickly.

Lets run an array of custom and pre-defined simulation campaigns, so you can make sure your employees are up to snuff in all phishing scenarios. (“The phishing will continue until morale improves!”)

Top 6 dummy cyber attacks including phishing, smishing, vishing, cyber scam, risk of removable media and ransomware.

Educate and train employees with awareness videos, gamified quiz, posters, newsletters and much more.

Analyze employees’ level of awareness post knowledge imparting with interactive assessment sessions.


A Complete Solution

Unlimited number of attack campaigns can be run for building cyber awareness among employees. Employees are assessed with the help of a questionnaire that is based on the simulated cyber attack and awareness module. Simulated phishing attacks are deployed via email to analyze the level of awareness amongst employees.

The overall health of an organization is tracked based on results of pre-deployment and post phishing campaign results.
Employee’s response towards emails and knowledge imparting sessions are tracked and reviewed in order to observe their overall progress in the campaign.

Simulate an Attack

Launch a dummy cyber attack campaign on the selected group of employees in the organization for the real-time experience and check how they would respond to a cyber attack.

The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Threats



Cyber Scam



Assess Employees on Security

Test to your employees with engaging assessment modules to check their level of cyber security awareness understanding once they have passed the training session based on their vulnerability score.

Order an Assessment

Much like Pringles chips, cyber security incidents are harder to defend against once you’ve had your first. (Once you pop, you just can’t stop. I don’t make the rules.) Global Cyber Security Centre lets you train and educate all of your employees in the top six cyber attacks, so you can be fully prepared to stop problems before they start.
Phishing and Smishing Attack

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