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Perform Successful Leouncia Removal From Your Computer to Maintain PC Security

Leouncia belongs to backdoor Trojan horse family which has affected Windows 95 through Windows 7. This dangerous Trojan is very much similar to Vinself that completely take over the infected system. It makes use of client backdoor program configuration to execute arbitrary code on infected computer with the help of remote attackers. This destructive malware invade your system resources and steal personal information like password, username, credit card information, bank information etc. In this way it violates your system integrity and security.

It is harmful Trojan that comes in the form of fake antispyware application to lure the innocent users and pilfer away their money. It perform false system scan and show fake results to convince you that your system has got dangerous spyware. So, don’t trust this perilous program and remove Leouncia to prevent your system from dangerous spyware.

Consequences of Leouncia Infection

  • Changes system settings and modifies Windows registry
  • Show annoying pop-ups and alerts
  • Connect itself to the Internet and degrades its speed
  • Create server component
  • Alters IP address and server component port number
  • Hide server process using rootkit
  • Perform keystroke logging to steal personal information
  • Stops execution of important system applications
  • Causes system crash

This harmful backdoor causes devastating effects on your computer upon installation and completely takes over the infected machine. So, it is essential to remove Leouncia as early as possible.

Leouncia Removal Steps

You can remove this harmful spyware from your system both manually and automatically. In order to remove this wicked backdoor Trojan manually you need a computer expertise who has detailed knowledge of registry editing because silly mistake can cause severe data loss. If you have detailed idea about registry modification then follow these steps:

  • Stop its running processes
  • With the help of registry editor remove its registry entries
  • Search and deleted it associated files and folders

Since, manual removal is quite risky so it is advised to perform automatic removal using effective Anti-spyware software. This software comes with GUI environment so you don’t need any technically skilled person. Using this software you can easily remove Leouncia in few simple steps. It removes entire viruses and malware from your system.

You can also use Registry Cleaner tool to repair the damaged or corrupt registry. It scans your registry and removes all infected files and folders from Windows registry.

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