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Network Security Sandbox

There is a wide range of network security products available on the market now. Despite these products, certain undetected and ingenious cyber crimes take place by making use of certain evasive binaries. They either make the network security system stop completely or escape from the observance of it. So, a behavioral approach is needed to detect APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) which are based on malware’s activities.

Market Definition by Segment Type

There are three categories of the market for network sandboxing.

1. Standalone

It is implemented independently of existing network security systems. It does not affect any other security system.

2. Firewall/IPS/UTM

It is an optional feature of existing network security and it is implemented in the cloud.

3. Secure web Gateway / Secure Email Gateway

It is an optional feature of the existing security solutions.

Key Factors Driving the Market Growth

Following are the major factors driving the market growth:

Factor 1

The continuous rise of cyber crimes throughout the world

The Data Breach Investigation Report of Verizon in 2015 revealed that there were 79790 secret incidents and out of these, some 2122 cases had confirmed data breaches. These breaches of security took place in different forms such as point of sales intrusion, web app attack, cyber espionage, insider misuse, card skimmers, Desk Operating System attack, crime-ware, miscellaneous errors and physical thefts. In order to tackle the increasing threats, the network security system has to be involved in constant research and innovative tools must be put in force before the criminal attackers breach data, resulting in loss of money and business.

Factor 2

The spear fishing attacks have to be faced

It is an electronic communication scam or an email targeting a specific organization, business or individual to steal data with malicious intentions. The criminals may install malware on the targeted user’s computer. The spear phishing is not a random activity, but a targeted activity by perpetrators with the specific intention for financial gain, military information and trade secrets. The emails to the targets may seemingly look like coming from usually a trusted source, like eBay or PayPal. But the perpetrators can be from the same company of the target in authority as ascertained in most of the cases. Any such spear phishing mail may contain certain inherent characteristics such as seemingly a trusted source, valid reasons for a message and logically acceptable validity.

Factor 3

The adoption of NSS is more prevalent.

The Network Security sandboxes enhance cyber security. In NSS environment, the appliances can execute and inspect network traffic and non-application data, such as Adobe Flash or JavaScript to uncover malicious code. This enables the organizations to identify previously unseen malware or zero-day threats before they enter the network and cause harm to the organization. Thus, sandboxing has proved to be a powerful tool for advanced threat protection and so its adoption is prevalent throughout the world.

Factor 4

The NSS can be integrated into existing platforms

The NSS can integrate with the existing security infrastructure like Firewall, UTM etc and protect, learn, and improve the overall threat protection. It delivers effective protection against any advanced threats. This cutting edge sandbox capacity can be complemented with established defenses, as NSS perfectly integrates with the existing platforms.

Source by Dr Rajendran Thangavel

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