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Learn How to Build a Mailing List Quickly and Cost Effectively

There are certain data protection measures and regulations you must follow, but should you do this, building an effective and quality mailing list will help you to grow your business, your market and hopefully your revenue stream. Offering your products to someone that has already been on your site or purchased before is a much more qualified lead, because if you did a good job, the person is likely to remember you, trust you and therefore buy from you again

But, if you are looking to build up a mailing list, what are the ways you can achieve this?

Sell A Product – Any company selling a product online will normally at least ask for an email address, if not more details to initially register. Every person who has ordered online will at some stage receive an email advertising to them other products from the same company, as if you have existing customers, you must keep them coming back, and sending out information about new products or offering them discounts is a good way to do this, but you need to capture their data first.

Give Something Away For Free – Everyone loves something for nothing, and you can build up your client or mailing list by giving them a chance to win something or maybe giving away a free product or download. As long as the free offering is useful and of good quality, people will sign up to receive your free gift, but only do this if you are genuinely giving something away, as an invitation to win a holiday in the Caribbean that then never materialises is only going to cause your company reputation much damage and is of course considered basic fraud!

Offer Services – If you are going to be offering a service, like a free website review or informative chat over the phone offering advice or guidance about something, you can capture people’s data this way, as most users will welcome the chance to have a free service, especially with the current economical climate being so tough.

Give The User Exclusive Content – One way to attract user registrations is to offer them content, something they can only read or have access to should they sign up and be registered with your site. More people are willing to do this now days, but do make sure they are not disappointed and that when they get access to the content, they feel it has been worthwhile joining your site. Maybe offer them access to your articles or produce a decent PDF guide that they can download once registered, just make sure its quality content.

Tutorials Or Advice For Registered Users – A great way of capturing emails is to offer a 5 part guide to something or regular information that is useful and rewarding to the client. This way, not only are you building your mailing list but you are also making people look forward to your emails and releases, and if you do them at the same time each week for example, people will come to expect them and if you get to this stage you will have a solid mailing list and data capture.

No matter how you plan to capture visitor’s data you must make sure that you reward them for giving you their information or spending money with you. Like Tesco’s, make sure you give them something for coming back to your shop and spending money, or like a newspaper, give something away for free or offer the user a chance to win something.

As long as they do not feel disappointed after registering with you, you can begin to build an effective and usable mailing list within no time and start cross selling your products or services to a market that you know is already interested.

Source by Ian D Spencer

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