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Is My Small Office Network Secure?

Now more than ever, small businesses should be keenly aware of cyber-threats. There are hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from small businesses each and every year by overseas hackers and cyber-thieves. The risks are high, but in this article I will share a few key elements that can help you stay protected from these online threats.

  1. Keep your operating systems and software packages up-to-date at all times. Windows Update should be in “Automatic” mode. Sure, there is some risk here of software conflicts from the most recent updates…and the occasional ‘woops, I guess my computer rebooted overnight to install that update’. However, this is a best practice to keep all software current.
  2. Use an Anti-virus package that is updated at LEAST every day. Most of the commercial software security applications allow you to set the updates to every 4 hours. This is what we always set our customers to. If you don’t have any anti-virus right now, the “Microsoft Security Essentials” is free and provides a decent baseline of protection.
  3. Use a separate computer for all online banking. Do not use this computer for anything else, and only connect it to your network when you are actively using your online banking system. This SINGLE-use computer will remain off the network and therefore away from cyber-threats. Since this computer will be off of the network most of time, be sure to manually check regularly to make sure all recent Windows updates are applied.
  4. Change your passwords regularly. This point doesn’t require much definition…just change all passwords every couple of months, and use passwords that are at least 8 characters long with a variety of capitalization, punctuation, and special characters.

Technology changes so very quickly. When you come to need computer repair in Indianapolis, call the experts at PC TLC, Inc. They are here to help repair computers when they go down, and to put in place a proactive support system to keep things running safely and securely for your company.

Source by Brian A. Vance

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