Importance Of Surveillance Technology In The Schools

The school is one of the densely populated establishments in the community. Filled with youths, it is one place where energy exudes, and where minds are sometimes full of curiosity and ideas. The young often look for adventure, especially in schools where pranks are often a part of the student’s agenda for the day. For some, they do pranks for fun, but still, it surely is not fun for the victim. Sometimes pranks by students also include vandalism or destroying school properties. It becomes a problem on the part of the administration since these dirty pranks will go on unless they find a way that would be the best deterrent against it. Finding out the perpetrator or prankster may sometimes be successful especially when there is a witness to the action. However, in some cases, they remain undiscovered. The school’s best solution to this is to make use of surveillance technology. This makes use of equipment that would record what is happening in a designated area focused by the surveillance equipment. The equipment commonly used by public establishments is a CCTV (closed circuit TV). The following reasons give the importance of surveillance technology in the school:

1. It rightly points out to the exact perpetrator of the prank, destruction, or vandal- This leads to faster and easier decision for disciplinary action on the persons involved. False accusations or blaming the innocent is not justifiable with the presence of a CCTV.

2. It serves as a deterrent for future misbehavior by prankish students- Those who are aware already of the surveillance equipment in the campus would now have second thoughts on doing their act. Prevention here is admirable as it lessens security risk also inside the campus.

3. It supports positively the security guards of the school- With this; the security personnel can concentrate more on eyeing other prime security threats in the campus. This would set at ease the school administrators and give their concentration on the student and teacher’s performances and benefits instead.

These factors on the importance of surveillance technology in the schools are of primary importance inside the schools. It will be advantageous also for the community where the school is situated. With a CCTV, for instance, the youths will have something that would remind them that there are things that society will not approve of or some actions we do would not be beneficial for everybody concerned.

Source by Greg Pierce

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