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90% Of Breaches Begin With A Human Error. Are your clients at risk? Global Cyber Security Centre offers a complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce human risk.

The management, staff and the end-users of a company are the first level of defense against security breaches. We have a complete education program, which allows a company to protect itself and to grow securely.

Based on International security standards,
Global Cyber Security Centre develops customized security policies and procedures for organizations by addressing their security needs and requirements.

Penetration testing, being part of our highly technical audit, locates at a single point of time, the presence of any potential security-related vulnerabilities. No organization is immune to cyber attacks.


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The evolution of a new global culture of Digital electronic exchange of information and the increasing demand for Internet banking and Other Internet-Related Services, E-services applications have posed greater risks on banks, government institutions, and companies worldwide. The need for securing organizations’ information, business processes and technology assets has always been a crucial factor in the implementation of any e-business or e-government solution

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This is the official blog feed from Global Cyber Security Centre which provides ICT security updates information about new Security breaches, Attacks, Tips and Tricks about Security Attacks and more..

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Global Cyber Security Center is focused on ensuring the effectiveness and productivity of users and provides enterprise quality 21st line service desk services to its customer base.
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They are extremely professional when it comes to supplying goods to a company. And all the qualities that a vendor must possess can be found in the operations of Global Cyber Security Centre.
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